Custom Silicone Bracelets for Your Offline Promotion

Custom Silicone Bracelet – Making Your Own Statement

It is time for custom silicone bracelets, want to put an attractive symbol, your name or an astounding statement on a piece that will surely wow everyone? Then get a custom silicone bracelet.

These bracelets have started out as a fad and currently, there seems to be no end to the artistic appeal that the designs have established. You get to explore your creative talents by adding your very own personal touch.

How to Customize

There are stores as well as online sites that allow you to choose and make the perfect designs for your custom silicone bracelet. First you need to choose the product as well as the quantity. Next, pick colors that you want the bracelets to have. You are free to choose solid colors like black, blue, yellow, green, red, white and many more and also use a combination of different tones for more fun and variety.

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Reliable manufacturers can make every single one unique and have the color or mix of colors according to your specifications. Finally, you have to choose optional imprint, submit optional artwork if you have any through email or upload or type in your personalized message.

You also get to choose which part of the custom silicone bracelet you intend to place symbols or patterns and whether you want the message or text embossed, screen printed or debossed.

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Fun and Convenience

You can order as few as a single bracelet but prices will decrease if you order in bulk. These are all made of 100% pure silicone and are highly flexible and elastic to fit any wrist size. There are variations in the band lengths as well to easily suit children, adults and extraordinarily large wrists.

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Ordering in bulk make great promotional and unity items during club events, awareness programs and other matters in which you want to spread the passion and idea through the customized symbols and message on the bracelets. You may want to use the colors of your organization and add a picture or symbol to accurately describe and represent.

Your Creative Freedom

You can include very long messages as well and unique artwork as long as it is approved and considered to be possibly manufactured by the company you chose. Most companies provide you the freedom to fully design your customized silicone bracelet by not placing their logo anywhere.

Turnaround time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month which include the time of design approval. Some manufacturers have a color palette with over 800 colors so you can be sure to have a great creative time mixing and matching tones. Make sure that the quality is top of the line that will last for several years.


Price for each custom silicone bracelet is around $3 to $5 with additional charges for more text and intricate artwork and patterns. If you order in bulk, prices can go down to as low as $1 per bracelet. Using more colors does not necessarily affect the price as you are free to choose any from the provided color palette.

The wristbands will be delivered right at your doorstep in 6 to 7 days. Some manufacturers include a free polyester bag or presentable box for each piece. Once you make the order, your customizations will immediately be submitted for approval. If approved, the mold will be made, the bracelets will created then finally delivered.

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How to Fundraising With Custom Silicone Bracelets

Lance Armstrong, the champion cyclist and a cancer survivor, first mooted fundraising ideas for the cause of cancer survivors by selling silicone made wrist bands.

Legalities and Registration

Charity organizations or their representatives need to register with respective state governments under section, commonly stated as 501(c) (3) of Internal Revenue Services, for charitable, religious or educational purposes. Not all the registrants are tax exempted, which is a point the donors need to consider. After this, the organizations need to obtain relevant license plates from their local Tag office or Tax Commission.

Silicone wristbands and custom rubber bracelets are the most synonymous tools with cancer. Donors have, for long, identified promotional products like personalized silicone bracelets, rubber wristbands to show their solidarity with cancer survivors although they are at will to donate without the token purchases.

Arrangements from the Organizers’ Point-Of-View

Planning a campaign requires promotional products such as awareness bracelets etc. Using custom silicone bracelets with messages can be a good idea. Donors and fund organizers prefer to have a goodwill logo or slogan to be debossed or screen printed on the personalized silicone bracelets. But keep in mind that, screen printed custom rubber bracelets wear out with time.

Donors beware of organizations creating brouhaha; these are looked down upon and seen as possible scheming campaigns.Fundraisers organize various events such as bicycle riding; triathlon and marathon as mass motivational ways. It’s prudent to check credentials of the organizers in advance.

Buying custom silicone bracelets is a public issue as it is for a public cause. Individuals need to be extra careful, especially, when buying online. Websites with appealing visuals or loud marketing pitches often mislead gullible people, as it is difficult to tell a fraud organization. Ensure that your good wishes are not going down the drain and fills you with the sense of having helped a cause.

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